cleaning out my closet, an act of self care

January is the month of the cleanse!  

The 'big closet clean out' has become a ubiquitous headline with countless approaches. For me, the heart of the question is how is cleaning out your closet connected to the idea of radical self care?

Self-care is often portrayed as relaxing with a face mask or getting a massage. And while I enjoy all kinds of caring for myself, I have come to find that rituals around organizing, or “choreographing” my closet, bring a deeper sense of ease and clarity.   When the question of 'what will I wear today?' no longer brings angst and anxiety to my morning, I find that I move through my day with a greater sense of self confidence. 

 I think we would all agree that the condition of our closets can impede our decision making. It can set our mood and our process with how we dress. Its not particuarly glamorous to go through our closets.  They are often a mess, perhaps filled with things that no longer fit us or remind us of money not well spent.  It can actually be easier to scroll for new clothing, checking the new trends or sale items.  But this can exacerbate the problem. 

Talking yourself through it, instead of holding yourself to a rigid set of guidelines will make the whole process feel a lot less overwhelming. Remember, we are also cleaning out old attitudes and behaviors. So before you clean out your closet, it’s critical to check in with yourself.  

 How do I feel about my body right now? 

How do I feel out in the world? 

How am I approaching my personal style?

These aren’t easy questions and everytime I work on my closet I am reminded to be easy on myself.  This kind of closet overhaul requires compassion and courage. It takes great courage to make peace with items you don't wear or never wore. Fashion is exciting and your closet should bring that kind of joy into your life.  We should all wear what we love and what makes us feel beautiful.

“The thing every woman needs first is to tap in to her courage."—Jason Bolden


 pS ~ If you are feeling overwhelmed and don't know where to start we offer closet assessments and personalized shopping services. Check out our website for more information. 

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