Desiree Alexander founded Dish in 1996 in Berkeley, California. Although she was just 28 years old at the time, she had a vision for a vibrant, fashion-forward clothing boutique that showcased up and coming small designers. Her goal was to create a space grounded in relationships - a place for women to connect and celebrate the joy of looking and feeling good in their clothes. Dish’s San Francisco store opened in 2002, one of the pioneers of the City’s now famous Hayes Valley Shopping District. 
More than just a stylish clothing store, Dish is a personal reflection of Desiree and her journey. Born and raised in Newport Beach to entrepreneurial and creative parents, she moved to the Bay Area in 1992 to attend college and found her home. Inspired by friendship, love, beauty, music, art, activism, and fun, Desiree (or Desi, as her friends know her), created a store that embodies her ever-evolving interests, yet remains committed to her founding vision. 
With the onset of the global pandemic in early 2020, Desi realized that perhaps the universe was sending her a message: it was time to move forward with the next incarnation of Dish. A new home in Oakland, where she will continue to offer gorgeous clothes, jewelry, and accessories from unique, small-batch designers, carefully curated for her beloved clients. A place where she is free to continue to evolve and collaborate with other creatives, to embrace and celebrate all of the nuances of her journey, and a place to remind us all that like Samir Nasr says: “Great style is about more than the way we wear our clothes — it is also how we see and occupy space in the world around us."
It is vitally important that our vision reflect and support our surrounding city. In that effort Dish will donate a percentage of sales each month to the following programs ongoing:
Welcome to Dish, thank you for being a part of our journey.