*Full closet clean out ~  An in person consultation of your waredrobe that includes going through your closet, and taking away items that no longer suit you. Styling of existing garments that you own and assessing what basic items you need moving forward. We can also create mini capsules for work or vacations. This complete package takes a few visits.
Cost 200.00 per hour 

*Closet consulting  ~ An in person consultation of your closet and preparing mini capsules for work or vacation etc. Suggestions of items that you might need for a more well rounded closet.  This assessment will come with a follow up email with links to items that you might need/want. Basically I do a little shopping for you and send you the ideas.  
150.00 and hour 

* Client boxes from dish.
Starts with a zoom appointment and together we pick and ship items to you, from the store,  that you can go through on your own. You select pieces that work for you while considering other pieces that you may already own. And ship back what does not work.   This can be a monthly/seasonal service for a 50.00 charge.
Please know that we can intertwine some of these services together, this is to give you a certain idea of services and prices.  You can also give me a detailed request option if you don’t see your individual need here.

Client Reviews

"I recently worked with Desi on a closet edit and it was a total game changer. For the first time in years my closet is organized and contains only the pieces I love."    Sarah

 "Desiree was magical! She helped me understand my own likes and dislikes, and what clothes are in my way.  She is warm, direct and enthusiastic ~ exactly what my closet needed."    Ratna