Unlock Your Style Potential: Rediscover Your Wardrobe with Our Closet Assessment Services

Are you ready to embrace your unique style and transform your closet into a source of inspiration? If you find yourself overwhelmed by shopping, struggling to let go of clothes that no longer serve you, or in need of expert guidance to curate a wardrobe that truly reflects your personality, we're here to help.

 My approach...

I believe that your wardrobe is an extension of your identity. I will never impose a particular style on you, but empower you to become your own stylist. We will work together to discover hidden gems and de clutter your closet, leaving you with the pieces you love.  My goal is to understand your aspirations, and create personalized shopping strategies that align with your lifestyle and values.

This is for you if you are...

Having Closet Chaos: Letting go of clothes that no longer work for you can be challenging. I offer gentle guidance to edit and sort your closet, creating space for what truly aligns with your style.

Uninspired by your Outfits: Say goodbye to the 'I have nothing to wear' dilemma. I will help you reimagine your existing pieces, crafting new and exciting outfits that express your inner style.

Overwhelmed by Shopping: If the thought of shopping gives you stress or you find yourself mindlessly purchasing online, our personal consultations will empower you to shop with confidence and intention.


You will get...

Expert Guidance: My deep love for fashion and my own experience with my business has not only allowed me to witness the transformative power of fashion but also to master the art of curating individual styles. I am here to navigate the  journey alongside you, transforming your closet into a place of self-expression and empowerment.

No Pressure: You will never be pressured to buy new items. Instead, I will guide you to make thoughtful choices that resonate with your style aspirations.

Mindful Shopping: Learn how to shop ethically and intentionally, aligning your choices with your values.


Our Services

Full Closet Assessment:

  • Rediscover your wardrobe's hidden treasures through this comprehensive service. With our expert guidance, you'll learn to shop within your existing collection, create fresh looks, and develop a shopping strategy that's ethical and intentional. This is more than just a closet cleanup—it's a journey to rediscover your style. Starting at $200.00 an hour.

Season Refresh:

  • Elevate your current wardrobe with a two-hour in-person styling session. We'll unlock the potential of your existing pieces, identify essential items, and even create mini capsules for specific occasions. Embrace a new season with confidence and style. Starting at $175.00 an hour.

Client Boxes:

  • Our innovative remote styling option brings the boutique experience to your doorstep. Collaborate with us during a Zoom appointment to select pieces you love, try them on at your convenience, and receive personalized styling advice. Keep what works, and return the rest. It's a flexible solution tailored to your needs. Each box is only $50.00.

Are you ready to discover your true aspirations for your wardrobe, re envision your inner stylist and develop thoughtful practices when it comes to shopping.  Book your session today and take the first step towards a closet you truly love. If you are still pondering, book a free discovery consultation for 15 minutes to see if it's a fit for you.  You can reach us at desireedish@gmail.com or call 510-260-7837 during store hours.

Client Reviews

"I recently worked with Desi on a closet edit and it was a total game changer. For the first time in years my closet is organized and contains only the pieces I love."    Sarah

 "Desiree was magical! She helped me understand my own likes and dislikes, and what clothes are in my way.  She is warm, direct and enthusiastic ~ exactly what my closet needed."    Ratna

"Desiree is great! During my closet assessment, Desiree immediately understood my style, culled pieces that no longer work (without being judgey), showed me my existing wardrobe could be combined in new ways and made recommendations for select additions. I get so many compliments on what I'm wearing, but more importantly, I feel great. I can't thank and recommend Desiree enough."  Debra