Denim has become indispensable staple in the world of fashion and, although popular trends come and go, denim never goes out of style. Owning a great pair of jeans takes out all of the effort of pulling an outfit together. If you have jeans that have a perfect fit, a flattering shape and ideal length, then little else is needed to complete your look. Even throwing on a simple tee will do. 

Finding the the best pair is a cosmic feeling, it’s like the stars align. But, with so many designs available, narrowing it down can be challenging.

Before you begin, here are some thoughts to keep in mind:

Shop in person ~ This is cleary one of my core beliefs when it comes to shopping. Not only will you get fit advice, you get to touch and feel the fabrics and try on multiple  sizes with ease. 

Take your time ~ Trying a large stack of jeans sometimes is your best strategy in finding a good fit for you and this can take some time. Try not to make any impulsive purchases with denim, it never goes well. 

Ignore the trends ~  The best trend is what you feel great in and look great in. 

Think about shoes ~ It doesn't occur to most people that when your shopping for jeans, consider what shoes you will be wearing with them.  When choosing a classic everyday make sure they go with a few of your shoes.  I always like to keep one style that I only wear with heels because those will be a little longer. 

Choose high quality ~ This is essential when shopping for denim. Not all denim is created equal. For example, if it has too much elastin (stretch) it will bag out, never to return to its original shape.  Also, pay attention to the small details, like the zippers, grommets and stitching. You can tell a properly made pair of jeans by these quality details.

The most flattering jeans are the ones you feel your absolute best in. That being said, people come in all shapes and sizes, and although there's no one design style for everyone there are some wash and fit strategies to keep in mind.

Lets break it down:

High Rise:  This is an elegant/ sophisticated look that can upscale any outfit.  The high rise is a great style for people with short or long waist. It's best worn with something a little cropped or tucked in to show the waist.  I prefer the high waist with a straight or wide leg, I think it's a more elegant look. Beware because the high waist jean can be challenging for those with a flatter behind as it can accentuate the flateness.

Mid rise: This is always the safest for most bodies. It’s comfortable and easy to pair with long or short items with on top.  Also the mid rise looks good in  most leg styles - wide to skinny to cropped.

Pocket placement: A design element that is critical to making the most flattering jeans is the back-pocket placement. I always make sure the bottom of the back pocket meets the cheek and thigh. If pockets are too wide or too narrow, your behind will look wider. If they are too long, your behind will look droopy.  So, if your have a flatter bum it'sits good to go with a higher pocket - if you're lucky to have a rounder backside a more medium size pocket is better. 

Wash:  I find that a dark-washed denim, oftentimes with tonal stitching, are the best bet if you’re  looking for something to wear everyday and with everything.  I also love a torn/hole look especially with  heels and chic blazer. If I’m wearing my vans then it's a cute cropped black pair. 

 At Dish our go to denim brand is Mother Denim. Over the past 20 years we have carried many denim brands and this is the one I always come back to. Its high quality and wide variations of style and fit flatter  many different body types.  The denim is a great weight, soft and luxurious. The material yields a fit that cares for your curves. And yes, they are expensive, but they are worth it. Not only is the quality there but Mother is  committed to value-based production.  While 95% of their overall manufacturing is done locally in Los Angeles, 100% of their denim products are made within a 14-mile radius from their design studio. This level of local production reduces the company’s carbon footprint by limiting freight transport and shipping.

Here are a couple of favorite styles that we have this season:

the Dodger ~ this is such a great light weight denim. It hangs on the body like a boyfriend but its longer and more sophicated looking. I like to wear it with a pair of heels and a cute mens wear shirt. 

the Weekender ~  this mid rise has a nice flare at the bottom. Its so flattering and makes your legs look a mile long. I like this style with sneakers for the most part but easily be worn with heel or clogs. 

the Rambler ~ this has a higher rise and straight leg from the thigh down, which gives it a trouser feel. We have cropped or full-length.  This is a good classic style that can be worn with many types of shoes. 

the Rider  ~ this high waist is a true straight leg that is very lengthening. We have it in a distressed washed right now, so its great for summer tops and jackets. 


And mark your calendars!!

Mother Denim Event Saturday May 6th!  

We will have all these styles and more, in all sizes 25-33.

Bar hosted by the Lure Life!

Tarot readings, denim raffle, give aways with purchase, music and more......















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