Step into what's ahead

Yes, it’s officially Spring! 

The coming of spring is such a wonderful time! We get to let go of the hibernation of winter and feel the sunshine on our faces. It's a time of rebirth, to make space to refresh, and to renew. A time for invitations, vacations, and celebrations like weddings, and graduations. There are SO many occasions for dressing up and letting your light shine! 

This excitement can turn to sheer dread when we feel like we don’t have the right outfit to wear. Not to worry my friend, I’m here to help.

I like to take a good look at my closet and assess.  Did you know that we only wear about 20% of what is in our closet. My mantra, ‘your closet is not storage, it should be filled with the items you love’.  Get rid of those items holding you back or that do not serve you anymore.  Anything torn and worn, anything you’re hanging onto that doesn't fit and items that still have tags that you have never worn.  Store winter coats and sweaters, so that you have more visual room and move your spring/summer items into view.  

Next, preparation is key.  How often are we searching our closets the day before the event, panicking about what to wear?  A reminder that these are the times that we can make the worst purchase decisions.  Do yourself a favor, choose intentionally, thoughtfully and give yourself some time to shop.  

This spring I have a few special celebrations that I’m really looking forward to, including a Mothers Day weekend with the ladies, and both of my sons are graduating from their respective schools. These events call for a few different attires. This Hope for Flowers dress would be great for the graduation, beautifully feminine and I love the embroidery details; chic and very wearable.  Or maybe this Banjanan printed dress, I love this color!  I could pair both dresses with this fabulous  Clare V. bag. And for shoes, these Coclico sandals in a fresh color palette. It feels like just the right amount of sunshine in my closet for the coming of spring! The Mothers Day getaway is calling for this cute Mother Denim cargo and I’m pairing it with the Hope for Flowers robe, with a white tee from Apiece Apart. Alternatively, I could wear this Hope for Flowers eyelet top with the cargos. I'll throw the Mother Denim Bowie tee in there too - just in case.  For the brunch, this gorgeous pink dress from Psophia.  This color is everything.

I hope all of these showers bring us all lots of flowers 🌼!














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