to Capsule, or not to Capsule


The technical definition of a Capsule is a 40 piece wardrobe, of high-quality and well-edited pieces. Usually, dominated by neutral tones, its based on pieces can be easily interchanged to make multiple outfits, it relies on the classics: a great pant, a dress, a boot, a well-cut jacket, a well  fitting pair of jeans, etc.  

I can appreciate the idea of the Capsule, the ease and simplicity when getting dressed is very alluring. And initially it seems that we are being informed to par down and buy less.   

But all this talk about “capsule wardrobes” EVERYWHERE has forced me to ask:

Is the fashion industry actually fooling us into buying more stuff?  

The answer I quickly realized was: Yes, they find these marketable phrases that will make us feel disenchanted with what we have, and employ the need to buy more. What ultimately happens in these campaigns is a nudge into believing we don't have the right pieces for a capsule, ultimately increasing our need to buy more so that we can have the right capsule, filled with cashmere coats and the perfect black boot.  

But what if we reimagine the Capsule to create a more personal version, one that takes our lifestyles, our creativity (and yes, our budgets) into account? We have to be able to express ourselves even when we are following a wardrobe strategy. And classics are at the foundation of a good wardrobe, but you can pick what those are.  

Start with your favorite five items that you wear on repeat. These are most likely your classics. Because everyone has their own style, everyone's definition of a classic is different. To some it's a long camel coat but to others it's a short black bomber jacket or great pair of sneakers. We have to be able to express ourselves even when we are following a wardrobe strategy.   Personally, I like the idea of having mini capsules. These can be based on color, events, or current weather.

Some things to keep in mind, if your classics are worn and torn then it might be time to replace them.  And if your capsule includes bold colors and prints then it's important to have some neutrals that they can be worn with, and vice versa.

Lastly, don't let the industry cause you anxiety or put you in a capsule box.  Buy pieces that you love and that add energy to your style, and make your spirit shine! 

At Dish I like to focus on brands that are high quality, ethically made, and stylish.   This leads to our greater conscientiousness on sustainable and ethical fashion, and understanding that buying less is part of that process. 

 Our new Closed Official collection is a great place to start if your looking to replace some items. Green is the theme and just like the harmony of Mother Nature it goes with everything. 

Here are a couple my favorite pieces right now:

This Closed Official sweater just made me happy when it came in!

Im paring with these Mother Denim ~ and your legs will look a mile long! 

This is Closed Official shirting is another gorgeous classic and the fabric is so lux, you can pair this with anything.

And going back to these Mother Denim Ivory pant from Fall. These can go with both pieces to make a few looks.







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